If you love art and love great Colorado craft beer then you’ll love this book!
Join artist Ceil Horowitz on her adventure through the Rocky Mountains searching out and painting ninety-nine Colorado beers, with
accompanying narrative musings in crowded breweries, on railroad tracks and in the ritzy bars of five-star hotels.

Meandering the pages of Take One Down Pass It Around welcomes us into the hearts, businesses, stories and mountains of Colorado. Dedicated to the authentic voice of unlikely heroes and subjects, painter Ceil Horowitz considers herself “one of the little guys.” From her New York Subway Series to the diverse world of Colorado’s Craft Breweries, Ceil renders daily life in exuberantly vibrant paintings capturing musicians and individuals in places where people gather. Ceil Horowitz’s brewery paintings invite us to enter the mountains of Colorado and connect to the characters she encounters while encouraging us to wander back through art history. From Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and the humanity he brought to the characters around the table, to Toulouse Lautrec’s swirling posters and lonely figures of Parisian cafes, and Max Beckmann’s social commentary of pre-WWII German drinking halls and NY cocktail parties, or Vincent Van Gogh’s luminous Night Cafe paintings and drawings, there is a common thread of culture and humanness through shared feasts and drink. Yes, the idea of capturing a culture and celebrating placeness has a rich history in art. Ceil Horowitz’s lively paint brush, animated color, unique empathetic connection to the subject, and pure spirit, bring joy to the pages and inspire us to join with her in brewery celebration.

Laura BenAmots - Painter, Installation Artist, Art Curator, Professor of Art PPCC now



In creation at present.